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Colorado Technical University

Founded in 1965, Colorado Technical University is the university of choice for today's motivated professional, offering over 100 Undergraduate and Graduate programs and concentrations in fields of Business & Management, Computer Science & Engineering, Criminal Justice & Legal Studies, Health Sciences, and Information Systems & Technology. CTU's award-winning* Virtual Campus offers you the freedom and flexibility to access your classes and study anytime, anywhere.

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Reality TV Actresses Inspiring Career Choices

For many young women, including my daughter, they are glued to such televisions shows as The Hills, One Tree Hill, Keeping up with the Kardashians and even Jersey Shore. While some of these reality television shows are quite frankly unrealistic as they glamorize many different fields, they do offer some inspiration for young women looking for exciting future careers. Below we take a look at some of these careers to learn the reality of these jobs.

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What Majors Are Seeing the Most Job Offers for 2011

If you are getting ready to graduate with your bachelor’s degree this spring and you majored in accounting, then, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), your major is amongst the top three majors receiving the most job offers. The survey draws its data from college and university career services offices nationwide. The Winter 2011 Salary Survey, which is updated quarterly, is the first projected look at salaries for bachelor degree-level candidates for the upcoming graduating class. Private and public accounting positions placed in the top three spots on the list of majors receiving the most job offers for 2010-2011 graduates. Other jobs that fell in the top spots included positions in consulting, financial/treasury analysis, sales and investment banking (sales and trading). Below we take a look at the majors that are seeing the most job offers for 2011.

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Avoid a Financial Crisis While Getting a Degree

More and more we read about the rising cost of a college education and the rising number of those that simply cannot afford to pay it back. So how do you strike a balance between getting a college degree while at the same time avoiding a financial crisis? The answer is not simple but below we try to unravel this mystery

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